Digital technologies and responsibiltiy

Euregio-Workshop at the interface of technology, academia and public

Workshop Digital technologies and responsibility

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano |
16 february 2024

Place: Room F6 (University Club), Piazza Università 1

Morning session
State of the arts reports – German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

09.30–10.30 Roland Roller (Berlin):
When performance alone is not enough – a multidisciplinary view on clinical decision support

10.30–11.00 Coffee break

11.00–12.00 Vera Schmitt (Berlin):
Do explanations make a difference? The influence of human-centered explanations on collaborative human-AI disinformation detection

12.00–13.00 Paul Lukowicz (Kaiserslautern):
Trust in human-centric AI – examples from the HumaneAI Net project

13.00 – 15.00 lunch break

Afternoon session
Trustworthy AI in the Euregio

15.00–16.00 Paolo Avesani (Trento):
How to trust generalization of learning models in critical domain?
Bruno Lepri (Trento):
Toward Personalized Algorithmic Recourse

16.–16.30 Chiara Ghidini (Bolzano): tba

16.30–17.30 Stefan Gasslitter (Cerchio ICT, Bolzano):
AI driven process in the public administration

17.30–18.30 Roberto Zicari (Z-Inspection® Initiative):
Focus and challenges of a trustworthy AI lab for the Euregio?

Scientific director: Robert Simon